Installation of Virtual box on Linux

Hello friends , Here I am back with new fact which belongs to virtual box installation on Linux .

Here we have few steps through you can able to install virtual box on linux

STEP 1 : Add the following lines to your sources.list file;
1. deb kali main non-free contrib
2. deb-src kali main non-free contrib
3. deb kali/updates main contrib non-free

STEP 2 : Now issue the following command;
apt-get update && apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)

At this point, I rebooted my system. When it was back up and running again, I installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions by clicking on “Install Guest Additions” in the VirtualBox Devices menu. Click “Cancel” on the box which pops up, then open a terminal.

cp /media/cdrom/ ~/Desktop/

Then chmod the file you just copied (change to it’s directory first);

chmod 755

And finally install the Guest Additions! Don’t forget to reboot afterwards.


Saksham Dixit


Port Security or Mac Binding on Switch

First directly we have to go to configuration mode of Switch .

Now we have to enable port security by this command .
Switch(config)#int Fa0/1 //we can use any interface where we want port security.
Switch(config-if)#switch-port mode access
Switch(config-if)#switch-port port security

Now we have to manual entry of every Mac address .
Switch(config)#switch-port port security mac-address {} // here mac address in this format

Now fire next command for violation shutdown .
Switch(config-if)#Switch-port port-security violation shutdown

Now define that only one mac in used with one port for security .
Switch(config-if)#switch-port port-security maximum 1 //here 1 is the no of mac address limit .

Now Fire this command to make all mac as static from dynamic mode .
Switch(config-if)#switch-port port-secuirty mac-address sticky

Now we have to see the current status of port by this command .
Switch#sh port secuirty // here if violation = 0 and security = enable then nothing happens

Now Fire below two command for auto recovery of port from violation mode .
Switch(config)#errdisable recovery cause secure violation
Switch(config)#errdisable recovery intervel 12 // here 12 in seconds.

Thats all about the configuration included for port secuirty , so implement these command and make it secure you Switch in your way .

Saksham Dixit